My gift to you


Saw my first robin today! Feb. 15th 2017

Why I stated that? To let you know that it is ok to look at new and refreshing spring collection at MY-T FINE JEWELRY DESIGNS “one of a kind” pieces just for you to enjoy,give or just love wearing!

Holiday pieces

Happy Holidays! Here is a little preview of just some new pieces I have designed recently. If you see anything you like let me know and if it was already sold ( A lot was sold at the last show) I can make something similar because no two pieces are never the same but if you like something in particular about a piece I can incorporate it in your own unique piece!


Hope you and your family and friends have a amazing holiday from, My-T Fine Jewelry 🌟

New Customer Survey

Hey Thank You so very much for stopping by to check out my online jewelry site! I would love if you could just take a few minutes to fill out a new customer survey so I know what my amazing customers are looking for in their one of a kind jewelry pieces! Here’s the link:

Thank you for your time hope to see you soon at one of my

   upcoming shows or events!

-Kim and Amy

My-T Fine Jewelry Designs

Hello I am so happy you have came to check my page out! I am always in my jewelry shop working on new pieces so check in often for some new designs. If there is something that you have thought of of would like something changed on a piece just let me know! You can usually always reach me through my email, Thank You for the interest and don’t be shy to check out some of My-T Fine’s Jewelry Designs social media!